Howard Table


The idea of this table was to find an efficient, Minimalist architecture, much in the manner of Carlo Mollino where there is a pleasing marriage of form and function. The designers were somewhat surprised that their forms, while initially inspired by plants, took on the look of bones. Skeletons have evolved as wonders of efficiency where strength and speed have been the winning combination in the struggle to survive. Bones take on a different profile as they stretch out, and change their form to deal with different stresses. Similarly, our forms twist and change to carry their load, expanding to make a joint with a mating element.



Height: 29 in. (73.66 cm)
Width: 45 in. (114.3 cm)
Depth: 110 in. (279.4 cm)


Available in 2 sizes.
There is a coordinating dining armchair. See Howard Chair.

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