WatiyaJuta Chandelier

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"Watiya Juta" is the name of the Australian species of the Acacia tree. Aboriginal peoples have used the design motif – the inspiration for our chandelier - for thousands of years as a symbol for this tree. The Acacia has been their source of wood used for spear shafts.
As an abstract symbol it has deep spiritual meaning for the Aboriginal Australians. Here it becomes a sculpted, organic form put to use as a light fixture. What survives, despite the many miles and millennia that separate our cultures, is its power to evoke deeper emotions in us – to stir feelings of our connection to nature, and remind us of our common humanity.
A special coloration for the carved sapele wood was developed for this piece – “Mother Earth Green.” It’s either greenish-brown or brownish-green depending on how the light strikes it.



Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm)
Width: 47 in. (119.38 cm)
Depth: 85 in. (215.9 cm)


Ebonized, cerused, warm, dark & light wood tones plus the Mother-Earth coloration.

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